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Motogirl & CE Certification


MOTOGIRL products conforms to the technical specification “FprEN 17092-3:2019 – Protective garments for motorcycle riders (February 2019)” which has been deemed to satisfy the Basic Health and Safety requirements of the PPE Regulation 2016/425. 

EU type examination has been conducted and certification issued by SATRA Technology Europe Ltd, Bracetown Business Park Clonee, D15 YN2P, Ireland (Notified body 2777).

​​​​​​​Performance levels defined into five classifications, these are:

Class AAA garments - The highest level of protection, against the highest level of risks. Some common examples are: one-piece or two-piece suits. These garments are likely to have severe and limiting ergonomic, weight and thermal penalties.

Class AA garments - The second highest level of protection, against the risks of the greatest diversity of riding activities. Some common examples are: garments designed to be worn by themselves or to be worn over other clothing. These garments are expected to have lower ergonomic and weight penalties than Class AAA garments

​​​​​​​Class A garments - The third highest level of protection. Some common examples are: garments, designed to be worn by them self or to be worn over other clothing by riders in extremely hot environments. Class A garments are expected to have the least ergonomic and weight penalties.

Class B garments - This class is for specialized garments, designed to provide the equivalent abrasion protection of Class A garments but without the inclusion of impact protectors. Some common examples are: modular garments suitable to be combined with other garments providing impact protection. Class B garments do not offer impact protection and it is recommended that they be worn with, at least, EN 1621-1 shoulder and elbow impact protectors, in the case of a jacket, or EN 1621-1 knee impact protectors, in the case of trousers, installed in the garment, if it is designed to accept them or in another form, in order to offer complete minimum protection.

Class C garments - This class is for specialized non-shell garments,  designed  only to  hold  one or  more  impact protectors  in  place, either  as  an undergarment  or as  an  over-garment. Class C garments are designed to provide impact protection for areas covered by the impact protector(s) and they do not offer complete minimum abrasion and impact protection.


Garments are divided into three (3) testing zones and in each zone three (3) main tests are performed on garments.  According to the results the garments is allocated a Class (AAA,AA,A,B or C)

The three (3) main tests include:
  • ​​​​​​​Impact Abrasion​ Resistance
  • ​​​​​​Seam Strength 
  • Tear Strength​​​​​​​

Additional tests ​​​required depending on garment, for an example leather tests will include:
Determination of pH, Chromium (VI), detection of AZO colorants in dye.


Increasing your safety we use SmoothWays protectors which are CE Approved Level 2 protection.

The hip and knee protectors are yellow coloured, moulded Elastopan impact material.  It is designed to reduce impact, high shock absorption and reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.​​​​​​​